The NJCPA seeks to recognize individuals who are diverse or who champion diversity in the hiring, retention and promotion of CPAs and in the elevation of accountants (CPAs) to leadership positions. 

Nominees for the NJCPA Diversity and Inclusion Impact Award should demonstrate excellence in at least two of the following areas:

  1. Influences Others. Does the nominee champion the importance of diversity at every possible opportunity? Does the nominee exert influence, not necessarily because of his or her title, but by making a persuasive connection between organizational performance and progress on diversity and inclusion? Does the nominee participate in speaking engagements to make the case for diversity and inclusion?
  2. Serves as a Role Model. Does the nominee “talk the talk and walk the walk?” Do the nominee’s actions signal that diversity and inclusion are truly important to the organization? Does the nominee personally mentor someone from a different background?
  3. Cultivates Diverse Teams. Does the nominee seek out diverse talent? Does the nominee strive to develop and retain their diverse team members by mentoring, coaching and providing constructive feedback?
  4. Innovates and Takes Risks. Has the nominee spearheaded diversity initiatives in his or her company? Does the nominee see opportunities where others see obstacles?
  5. Accountability. Does the nominee hold themselves and others accountable for diversity and inclusion? When individuals are not participating, does the nominee use his or her personal influence to encourage others to take action?
  6. External Leadership Involvement. Does the nominee take an active role in fostering diversity and inclusion in the profession? Does the nominee forge connections with colleges, high schools or other organizations in order to broaden the diversity pipeline? Does the nominee participate in pro bono activities to foster diversity within the profession and society in general?
The nomination period is over. Award recipients will be announced on June 15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do nominees have to be CPAs/NJCPA members? Nominations are NOT limited to CPAs, but the nominee must work at a firm or company with at least one NJCPA member. CPAs and non-CPA staff can be nominated.

When do the nominee’s action have to have taken place? While our emphasis is on actions taken within the last year, we recognize that it may be difficult to isolate certain achievements within a calendar year. Notable achievements from the past or that occur on an ongoing basis may be included as well.

Is the award for senior leaders of the firm or company only? It is important to recognize that leaders can be found throughout any organization, and successful diversity efforts empower and cultivate leaders at all levels. In addition, we encourage nominations from a range of positions, from diversity professionals to practicing CPAs with no direct responsibility for diversity efforts.

Do nominees have to work in public accounting? Diversity champions can hail from any sector of the accounting profession— government, CPA firm, corporation, academia or nonprofit.

Can I nominate myself? Yes.

Can we nominate more than one person? Individuals and organizations may nominate multiple individuals on separate nomination forms.

When are nominations due? The final day submissions will be accepted is Friday, May 19, 2017.

Where do I submit my nomination form? Nominations can be submitted to the attention of Pam Isenburg by email to pisenburg@njcpa.org, by fax to 973-226-7425 or by mail to the NJCPA, 425 Eagle Rock Ave., Suite 100, Roseland, NJ 07068.

How are winners selected? A panel of volunteer members representing a cross-section of NJCPA membership will be convened, ensuring that there are no conflicts.

When will the winners be announced? Awards will be announced on Thursday, June 15, at the NJCPA Convention & Expo at the Borgata in Atlantic City and on the NJCPA website. The winners will also be featured in the September/October 2017 issue of New Jersey CPA magazine.

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