My CPA Exam Journey Videos

NJCPA members share their experiences studying for and taking the CPA Exam.

  • Adam Rein | My CPA Journey

    Published on 9/1/17

    "If I want to be an accountant, I want to be the best kind of accountant. I want to be a CPA." Watch this video to hear about how Adam Rein, CPA studied for and eventually passed the CPA exam!
  • Trisha Patel | My CPA Journey

    Published on 9/1/17

    The summer after college, Trisha Patel, CPA, treated studying for the CPA exam like a full-time job, and it worked! Watch this video to follow her journey to becoming a CPA...and hear about her parents' reaction!
  • Brian Marchese | My CPA Exam Journey

    Published on 10/5/16

    "When you have 'CPA' after your name, it means something." Brian Marchese, CPA, MST, passed three sections of the CPA exam before failing the only one point! Hear how he overcame this hurdle and went on to get his CPA license!
  • Nicole DeRosa | My CPA Exam Journey

    Published on 2/10/16

    If you fall off your horse, you've gotta get right back on. That's what went through Nicole DeRosa's head while she was taking the CPA Exam. Nicole sat in a testing center nine times before passing her final section. Watch the video to learn all about her CPA Exam Journey!
  • Evan Gurman | My CPA Exam Journey

    Published on 2/8/16

    The CPA exam is a priority for most young accountants, but sometimes "life happens". Find out what happened to Evan Gurman of Wilkin & Guttenplan, and how he overcame what life threw at him in this edition of "My CPA Exam Journey!"
  • Lauryn Hanrahan | My CPA Exam Journey

    Published on 1/26/16

    The CPA Exam is NOT easy. Just ask Lauryn Hanrahan. Lauryn's not embarrassed to say that she failed each section at least once before finally passing all four parts of the exam. Watch the video to learn about her personal CPA Exam Journey.
  • Steven Walker | My CPA Exam Journey

    Published on 12/4/15

    Steven Walker, CPA talks about his CPA Exam Journey, why it's important to get your license, and a few of his superstitions.
  • Melissa Nardini | My CPA Exam Journey

    Published on 11/13/15

    Watch Melissa Nardini of Untracht Early recount her reason for wanting to become a CPA and her study habits as she prepares for the exam.

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