Newest Medallion Recipients Honored

 – August 22, 2018
Newest Medallion Recipients Honored

The mantel of NJCPA presidential leader­ship comes with many responsibilities, but one of the most rewarding is the opportunity to recognize fellow members for their con­tributions. Each incoming NJCPA president is given a supply of Distinguished Service Medallion coins to bestow upon members to thank them for the highest level of service to the NJCPA and their commitment to furthering the accounting profession. Only a handful of coins are awarded each year. 

Immediate past president Edward Guttenplan distributed five prestigious medallions during his 2018/19 tenure. These were given to: Margaret Van Brunt, CPA, assistant dean at Rowan Univer­sity; Henrietta Fuchs, CPA, partner, CohnReznick LLP; Sarah Krom, CPA, managing partner, SKC & Co., CPAs LLC; Alan Sobel, CPA, CGMA, managing member, Sobel & Co. LLC and June Toth, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA, managing member, ZBT Certified Public Accounting & Consulting, LLC. 

All five recipients showed distinguished service to the NJCPA. Margaret served as chairperson of the Chapter Operations Committee, president of the Southwest Jersey Chapter and chairperson of the Accounting Educators Committee. In 2012 she was recognized by the NJCPA as a “Woman of Note,” and she also served on the NJCPA’s Content Advisory Board. Henrietta is a trustee with the NJCPA Scholarship Fund and chairperson of the Student Programs & Scholarships Committee. Sarah is president of the NJCPA, was chairperson of the Emerging Leaders Council (formerly Young CPAs Council), an active member of the Bergen Chapter and served on the NJCPA’s Strategic Planning Committee and the Board of Trustees. She was voted by NJCPA as one of the “30 most influential CPAs under 30” and a “Woman of Note.” Alan has been an active member of the NJCPA State Taxation Task Force, which included Alan's idea to tax owners at the entity level in a list of recommendations presented to the NJ Economic and Fiscal Policy Review Working Group; the Cannabis Interest Group and a trustee of NJ-CPA-PAC. June is an NJCPA Trustee and is a vice group leader of the Forensic & Valuation Services Interest Group. She is also a former chairperson of NJ-CPA-PAC and the Committee Operations Committee. 

The medallion has a long history with the NJCPA, dating back to the first coin presented in 2009 by then president Robert Traphagen, CPA, CGMA, manag­ing partner at Traphagen Financial Group LLC. It commemorates the importance that a person brings to an organization. The original idea relates to an Allied spy in WWII who showed the medallion as proof of his allegiance, which ultimately saved his life. NJCPA recipients must carry the medallion with them at all times. Since inception, 69 coins have been distributed.  

“The medallion is one of NJCPA’s highest honors. It’s something that every member should strive for. The significance of the medallion cannot be overstated,” said Ralph Albert Thomas, CEO and executive director at the NJCPA. “We are grateful for the dedication that this year’s recipients have shown to the Society and to the accounting profession as a whole.” 

List of Medallion Recipients

2017/18 – Presented by Edward Guttenplan, CPA

  • Henrietta Fuchs, CPA – CohnReznick LLP
  • Sarah Krom, CPA – SKC and Co., CPAs, LLC
  • Alan Sobel, CPA – Sobel & Co. LLC
  • June Toth, CPA – ZBT Certified Public Accounting & Consulting, LLC
  • Margaret Van Brunt, CPA – Rowan University

2016/17 – Presented by Walter Brasch, CPA

  • Jean Abbott, CPA – Stockton University
  • Lynn Albala, CPA – InfoSight Partners LLC
  • Joseph Baldomero, Jr., CPA – Suarez Baldomero, PA
  • Robert Dethlefsen, CPA – Robert J. Dethlefsen, CPA
  • Donna Foxman, CPA – Donna Foxman, CPA
  • Lisa Galinsky, CPA – WithumSmith+Brown
  • Gary Merves, CPA – Kelson & Merves, CPAs, LLC
  • Jerome Newler, CPA – J M Newler CPA & Co.
  • Alan Preis, CPA – Alan J. Preis, CPA, PC
  • Jody Rorick, CPA – Jody Rorick, CPA
  • Kenneth Shapiro, CPA – Shapiro Financial Security Group

2015/16 – Presented by Frank Boutillette, CPA

  • Virginia Buczkowski, CPA – Virginia C. Buczkowski, CPA
  • John Genz, CPA – Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP
  • Charles A. Lota, CPA – Lota & Bernard, LLC
  • Michael Stillitano, CPA – Hapag-Lloyd
  • James Toto, CPA – Mazars USA LLP
  • Julia Van Saun, CPA – Moss Adams LLP

2014/15 – Presented by Brad Muniz, CPA   

  • Howard Bookbinder, CPA – Howard J. Bookbinder, CPA
  • Frank Boutillette, CPA – WithumSmith+Brown
  • William Cadmus, CPA –  WithumSmith+Brown
  • Patrick Deo, CPA –Deo, LaManna, Deo & Co., P.C.
  • Carol Donatiello Iocca – Wilkin & Guttenplan. P.C.
  • Robert Fodera, CPA – Baker Tilly
  • Benjamin Graber, CPA – Center for Individualized Learning
  • James Lawrence, CPA – Traphagen Financial Group
  • Henry Murphy, CPA – Henry J. Murphy, CPA
  • Cam Pardo, CPA – Pardo & Mezzina LLP
  • Jennifer Peoples, CPA – Jennifer Peoples, CPA
  • David Politziner, CPA –  EisnerAmper LLP
  • R. Gregory Quirk, CPA – retired, former Monmouth/Ocean Chapter president
  • Audrey Sherrick, CPA – Friedman LLP
  • Robertz Swartz, CPA – retired, former Peer Review Executive Committee chairperson
  • Steven Weinerman, CPA – Richards Mfg. Co. Sales, Inc.

2013/14 – Presented by Gerard Abbattista, CPA

  • Brad Muniz, CPA – Sobel & Co. LLC    
  • Edward Guttenplan, CPA – Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C.  

2012/13 – Presented by Tom Roche, CPA

  • Gerard Abbattista, CPA – EisnerAmper LLP 
  • Walter Brasch, CPA – former NJCPA president
  • John Coiro, CPA – Ernst & Young LLP
  • Lloyd George, CPA – retired, former Mercer Chapter president
  • John LaPilusa, CPA – PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP
  • Christopher Lovasz, CPA – Deloitte
  • Kyle Sell, CPA – Deloitte

2011/12 – Presented by Carole Hedinger, CPA

  • Thomas Roche III, CPA – PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP 
  • Jeffrey Ziment, CPA – Ziment Financial Advisors Inc.

2010/11– Presented by Robert Marrone, CPA

  • James Bourke, Jr., CPA – WithumSmith+Brown
  • Carole Hedinger, CPA – retired, former NJCPA president
  • Catherine Horn, CPA – Catherine Z. Horn, CPA
  • Gail Rosen, CPA – Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C.
  • Anne Skalka, CPA – Anne Shalka and Associates
  • Robert Traphagen, CPA – Traphagen Financial Group

2009/10– Presented by Robert Traphagen, CPA

  • Ernie Almonte, CPA – Former member
  • Brent Ashton, CPA – Ernst & Young LLP
  • James Blake, CPA – retired, former NJCPA president
  • Nicholas Constantino, CPA, – Constantino, Specht, Templeton & Co., LLC
  • John Dailey, Jr. CPA – Bowman & Company LLP
  • Ronald Gray, Jr., CPA – Lembo & Gray, LLC
  • Karl Halteman, CPA – ReSource Pro
  • Henry Honig, CPA – Henry T. Honig, CPA
  • J. Russell Jefferson, CPA – retired, former Southwest Jersey Chapter president
  • Victor Maisano, CPA – German, Vreeland & Associates, LLP
  • Robert Marrone, CPA – Bowman & Company LLP
  • Stephen Mazur, Jr. CPA – Mazur & Associates, CPAs and Business Advisors PC
  • Barry Melancon, CPA – AICPA
  • Michael Polito, CPA – Deloitte
  • Robert A. Seifert, CPA – Gramkow, Carnevale, Seifert & Co., LLC
  • Carl Specht, CPA – Constantino, Specht, Templeton & Co., LLC
  • Paul Stahlin, CPA – retired, former NJCPA president
  • Mary Zago, CPA – Union County College

This article appeared in the July/August 2018 issue of New Jersey CPA magazine. Read the full issue.



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