NJCPA Honors Those With 50-Plus Years of Membership

 – February 26, 2019
NJCPA Honors Those With 50-Plus Years of Membership

Every year, the NJCPA honors members who reach 50 years of membership. There are currently more than 240 members who have attained that goal. 

Special mention goes out to Milton Zisman, CPA, who has the highest number of years of membership at 72 years, followed by Benjamin Barth, CPA; Bernard Tillis, CPA; and Frank Timoni, CPA, at 68 years each. Martin Levy, CPA; Morton Parish, CPA; and Irwin Traurig, CPA, have been members for 67 years. Daniel Goldberg, CPA; John Sheehan, CPA; Vincent Simonetti, CPA; and Robert Stefany, CPA, have 66 years of membership. 

“To have such incredible dedication to the NJCPA is remarkable,” said Ralph Albert Thomas, CPA (DC), CGMA, CEO and executive director at the NJCPA. “We truly appreciate such longstanding commitment to our organization and to furthering the accounting profession.”

NJCPA members with 50-plus years of membership as of Jan. 1, 2019:

Alfred Angelo, CPA
Ira Baker, CPA
Martin Barber, CPA
Morton Barrows, CPA
Marvin Bartfeld, CPA
Benjamin Barth, CPA
Joel Belgard, CPA
Bruce Bengtson, CPA
Robert Berkowitz, CPA
Hillel Berlin, CPA
Donald Besman, CPA
Leonard Birkhahn, CPA
William Blakesberg, CPA
Frederick Bongiovanni, CPA
Howard Bookbinder, CPA
Charles Bott Jr., CPA
Peter Bowen, CPA
Louis Brief, CPA
Jerome Buren, CPA
Milton Burstein, CPA
Alfred Calligaris, CPA
Thomas Carey, CPA
Benson Chapman, CPA
John Chiodi, CPA
Lawrence Cinquegrana, CPA
Allan Clelland, CPA
Roy Cohen, CPA
Dominic Colangelo, CPA
John Conway, CPA
Edwin Corey, CPA
William Cozine, CPA
Richard Crammer, CPA
Robert Crawford, CPA
John Critchley, CPA
Cornelius Crowley, CPA
George Curchin, CPA
Martin Cutler, CPA
James Daley, CPA
George Davis, CPA
Fred Dear, CPA
James Del Vacchio, CPA
Henry Dellaratta, CPA
John Demetrius, CPA, CGFM
Marie DeSena, CPA
Benjamin Donow, CPA
Andrew DuBoff, CPA
Charles Dunn, CPA
John Eccleston, CPA,RMA
Edward Egan, CPA
Irwin Engelman, CPA
Harry Epple, CPA
Robert Fabian, CPA, CGMA
Sheldon Faktorow, CPA
Robert Fanburg, CPA
Jerome Feldman, CPA
O. David Fischer, CPA
Martin Fisher, CPA
Alan Fisvitz, CPA
Joseph Forman, CPA
Herbert Frankel, CPA
Lawrence Freimauer, CPA
William Freitag, CPA
Hubert Frisch, CPA
Albert Galuchie, CPA
Jill Gelfman-Olonoff, CPA
Lawrence Gelfond, CPA
Seymour Gerber, CPA
Edward Getz, CPA
John Gisler, CPA
Saul Gluck, CPA
George Goertz, CPA
Jerold Goldberg, CPA
Daniel Goldberg, CPA
Arthur Goldberger, CPA
Richard Goldfinger, CPA
Joseph Golkow, CPA
Lawrence Goodman, CPA
Benjamin Graber, CPA
Leonard Green, CPA
Richard Grizzetti, CPA
Morris Grossman, CPA
Robert Haefele, CPA
William Haggerty, CPA
Charles Heard Jr., CPA
David Heller, CPA
Stephen Hennesey, CPA
Emil Hensler Jr., CPA
Eli Hoffman, CPA
Bruce Hollander, CPA
Garret Hoogerhyde, CPA
David Horn, CPA
Solomon Israel, CPA
Ronald Jacobson, CPA
Raymond Jezierski, CPA
Howard Kahn, CPA
Carl Kanter, CPA
Jerry Kaplan, CPA
John Kappel, CPA
Irving Kass, CPA
George Kaufman, CPA
Gerald Kaye, CPA
Gerald Keil, CPA
John Kelly, CPA
Ronald Keohane, CPA
Philip Kinzel Sr., CPA
Robert Klein, CPA
Jerrold Kolton, CPA
Melvin Konner, CPA
Jack Krasner, CPA
Joseph Kremer, CPA
Richard Kruyff, CPA
Arthur Kulback, CPA
H. Frank Kulp, CPA
William Kulsar, CPA(Inactive)
Michael Kurtz, CPA
Stephen LaMont, CPA
Philip Leen, CPA
Stuart Lefkowits, CPA
Charles Lehmann, CPA
Fred Lehner, CPA
Steven Leonardo, CPA
Kenneth Levenstein, CPA
Sidney Levine, CPA
Martin Levy, CPA
Pincus Lieberman, CPA
Herbert Limsky, CPA
Robert Liptak, CPA
Wilbert Lissak, CPA
Peter Lordi, CPA
James Loughlin, CPA
Jerome Lowengrub, CPA
Saul Lupin, CPA
Robert Maida, CPA, J.D.
Anthony Majeski, CPA
Jules Marcus, CPA
Edward Marotte, CPA
William Martini Sr., CPA
Frederick Marx, CPA
Irwin Math, CPA
W. Donald Maurer, CPA
James McDole, CPA
Robert McEntee, CPA
James McGordy, CPA
C. Frank Meo, CPA
Joseph Meola, CPA
Saul Meyerowitz, CPA
Douglas Mieras, CPA
Anthony Milano, CPA
David Miller, CPA
Barry Mirsky, CPA
Paul Mitchell, CPA
Ronald Morgan, CPA
Stanley Moskowitz, CPA
Joseph Murphy, CPA
Henry Murphy, CPA
Eugene Naughton, CPA
Raymond Nisivoccia, CPA
Larry Nussbaum, CPA
Peter O'Neill, CPA
Arthur Osman, CPA
Frank Palombo, CPA
Theodore Panis, CPA
Morton Parish, CPA
Joel Paritz, CPA
Harry Payton, CPA
Albert Penchansky, CPA
Jerome Pill, CPA
David Plotkin, CPA
Philip Politziner, CPA
Daniel Ragone, CPA
Robert Reynolds, CPA
William Rifkin, CPA
James Ripley, CPA
William Robinson, CPA
Edward Rod, CPA
Patrick Romano, CPA
Rita Rosenberg, CPA
Dorvin Rosenberg, CPA
Stuart Rosenblatt, CPA
Robert Rosselli, CPA
Bernard Rothenberg, CPA
Ronald Ruby, CPA
Paul Ruopp, CPA
Ralph Russenberger, CPA
Joseph Russo, CPA
Edwin Ruzinsky, CPA
James Sabo, CPA
Pierre Salmon, CPA
Donald Saltzman, CPA
Gordon Sandler, CPA
Jules Schneider, CPA
Arthur Schomer, CPA
Gilbert Schuessler, CPA
Morris Schuhalter, CPA
Saul Schwalb, CPA
Irwin Schwartz, CPA
Sydney Schwartz, CPA
Dominic Scola, CPA
Robert Seifert, CPA
Leo Sender, CPA
Steven Shapiro, CPA
John Sheehan, CPA
William Simkins, CPA
Vincent Simonetti, CPA
Herman Slotoroff, CPA
Robert Smith, CPA
Joseph Sorelle, CPA
William Southwick, CPA
Robert Stefany, CPA
Moses Sternlieb, CPA
Jack Stillman, CPA
Benjamin Tabs, CPA
Robert Terry, CPA
James Thomson, CPA
Bernard Tillis, CPA
Frank Timoni, CPA
Paul Tracy, CPA
Irwin Traurig, CPA
Leon Turner, CPA
Milton Turoff, CPA
Joseph Tybursey, CPA
Michael Varilla, CPA
John Vasile, CPA
Hugh Venanzi, CPA
Gordon Vreeland, CPA
Marvin Wakoff, CPA
Joseph Wallace, CPA
William Walton, CPA
Stanley Wasilewski, CPA
Jay Weinberg, CPA
Morton Weinberg, CPA
Gilbert Weisbart, CPA
Lester White, CPA
Harvey Wigod, CPA
Arnold Winick, CPA
Cornell Wright, CPA
David Wurm, CPA
Irving Yamner, CPA
Lawrence Zappulla, CPA
Milton Zisman, CPA