During a vote that took place Oct. 18 through Nov. 1, 2022, NJCPA Fellow members in good standing overwhelmingly approved four changes to the NJCPA bylaws. The approved changes will update terminology and simplify and consolidate membership categories, making it as easy as possible for graduates/new professionals to remain NJCPA members and start taking advantage of the benefits of membership. As a separate issue, there are also changes to certain professional conduct procedures. All changes will go into effect on June 1, 2023.

Bylaws Changes

  1. Merge the CPA Candidate and Associate membership classes into a new membership class named Affiliate. The following people will qualify for Affiliate membership starting on June 1, 2023:
    • Those who have completed the academic requirements to become a CPA and are pursuing further requirements necessary to become a CPA
    • Professional staff working in an accounting or finance position under the supervision of a CPA
    • Any chartered accountant or its equivalent in any country other than the United States
    • Instructors of accountancy in schools of collegiate standing
    • Non-CPA owners, partners, shareholders or principals of firms licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy.

    Affiliates will not be allowed to vote on ballot measures presented to the membership but may be eligible for limited leadership positions including chapter board positions, committee/group chair/leadership and appointed committees. When an Affiliate becomes a CPA, he or she will be elevated to CPA member.

  2. Change the definition of the Student member class to “An undergraduate or graduate student who has an interest in accounting, finance, business or information systems.”
  3. Rename the Fellow member class to CPA member (eligibility remains the same).
  4. Make changes to certain professional conduct approval processes. The NJCPA participates in the AICPA Joint Ethics Enforcement Program (JEEP), in which the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) investigates cases and refers its findings and recommendations to the NJCPA Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). Under the JEEP program, certain disciplinary actions issued by various government agencies require “automatic” NJCPA termination or suspension without a hearing. This provision requires that the termination or suspension matches the disciplinary action taken by the government agency. The JEEP agreement requires us to handle automatics in the same manner as the AICPA does for its members. The bylaws will be amended to remove the requirement for Board approval, which contradicts the JEEP’s automatic provisions and slows down the processing of these cases.

Review the changes

Redlined version of bylaws, showing all of the changes. The four categories of changes, as outlined on this page, are color-coded:

  • Green = Affiliate member-related changes
  • Blue = Student member-related changes
  • Yellow = CPA member-related changes
  • Gray = Professional conduct-related changes

Clean version of bylaws, incorporating all of the changes

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