IRS CAF Operations Update

 – June 25, 2020
IRS CAF Operations Update

The IRS is working hard to return to normal CAF processing operations, reduce the backlog and quickly process authorization requests, according to a senior stakeholder liaison. However, they still operating with limited staffing to protect their employees. CAF units at Memphis and Ogden currently are operational. Duplicate requests (sending the same exact request for access to a taxpayers account more than once) makes it harder for them to catch up. Sending in duplicate Forms 2848 (Power of Attorney) and 8821 (Tax Information Authorization) will result in processing delays, as all requests must be researched and reviewed.

Here’s what the IRS is asking practitioners to do:

  1. Fax a request once to 855-214-7519. Faxing forms to the same or multiple IRS numbers will delay processing.
  2. Double check forms for accuracy. Missing information delays requests.

Reducing the number of duplicates and increasing the accuracy of forms will help the IRS process requests faster.