Aspiring Black CPA Scholarship Recipients Announced

 – July 11, 2022
Aspiring Black CPA Scholarship Recipients Announced

The national initiative to provide immediate financial support to Black accounting students and professionals has awarded 100 scholarships totaling $93,500.

In 1921, 25 years after the first certified public accountant (CPA) certificate was granted in the United States, John W. Cromwell Jr. became the first Black CPA. He opened a door through which thousands of Black accountants would eventually pass. That door has opened wider thanks to the Aspiring Black CPA Scholarship—a one-time national scholarship initiative established to provide immediate financial support for Black and African American accounting students and professionals pursuing the CPA credential.

The Aspiring Black CPA Scholarship was supported by generous individual and organizational donations to the Black CPA Centennial Fund, which raised $93,500 as part of the yearlong celebration in 2021 honoring the 100-year anniversary of Cromwell’s landmark achievement.

“Our intent was to help pave the way for more Black individuals to pursue the CPA credential and succeed in a more diverse and inclusive CPA profession,” says Todd Shapiro, president and CEO of the Illinois CPA Society, speaking on behalf of the Black CPA Centennial’s organizing partners. “The 100 scholarships we’ve been able to award, in honor of the 100-year commemoration, are going directly to deserving students and professionals to provide meaningful financial assistance to each of them as they strive to overcome their unique financial barriers during their pursuit of the coveted CPA credential.”

The scholarships will provide financial support for expenses related to preparing for or taking the CPA exam, including college tuition toward CPA eligibility, related classroom materials, CPA exam preparation courses, CPA exam application fees, tutors and more. The Black CPA Centennial organizing partners are proud to announce the following 100 Aspiring Black CPA Scholarship recipients:

Name State
Valencia Adams Georgia
Dolapo Adekoya Texas
Chinaza Akam Illinois
Moyinoluwa Akin-Adamu Georgia
Ashley Alexander Illinois
Christopher Bailey Michigan
Jamo Baldeh Wisconsin
Japhet Bampelenga Illinois
Tionne Battee Illinois
Bettyna Beauchamp Florida
Roxane Bile Texas
Jalen Boyd Ohio
Trinity Bracey Illinois
Abdul Jawal Braimah Illinois
Rajana Britton Wisconsin
Andre Brown Texas
Corey Brown Georgia
Courtney Bryan District of Columbia
Brittney Burke Georgia
Amber Champion Georgia
Veraon Clemmons Tennessee
Seanette Culmer Florida
Nia Douglass Georgia
Darius Enoch California
Shaska Fipps Illinois
Iman Ford Illinois
Hope Franklin Pierce Illinois
Caitlin Fullerton Georgia
Abigail Gayden Georgia
Gabrielle Graham Georgia
Buffy Gray South Carolina
Olivia Gunter Illinois
Patrick Gyimah-Danso Illinois
Jazmine Hall Minnesota
DeAndra Harley Illinois
Marcus Harrell Georgia
Tiana Hooker North Carolina
Linda Ihedioha Georgia
Jordyn jackson Texas
Naomi Jackson Indiana
Della James Michigan
Emmanuela Jean-Baptiste Florida
Dedjrik Jefferies Maryland
Creeana Jefferson Georgia
Deandre Johnson Colorado
Jemilyia Johnson Illinois
Larry Johnson South Carolina
Brenda Jones North Carolina
Kristy Joseph New York
Carel Kawele Kuzona Illinois
Kasei Lewis Missouri
David Long Florida
Brittaney Lott South Carolina
Jaheisha Marten Florida
Marrionna Martin Indiana
JeLissa Morgan Arkansas
Nicole Morris Texas
Samantha Munatsirei Oklahoma
Allandria Munroe New Jersey
Robert Ndaye Muange Illinois
Nadine Nikiema Georgia
Kemei Oates North Carolina
Eldrin Oatis Illinois
Gail O'Banner Illinois
Ogochukwu Obiagwu Ohio
Chiedozie Okafor Maryland
Huzein Olagunju Texas
Beauty Olonilua Illinois
Lolade Onasanya Illinois
Tasharie Ormsby Georgia
Brittney Oti Louisiana
Darrell Pacheco Virginia
Kaydan Pascual Illinois
Erica Peebles Florida
Tiara Purnell Louisiana
Enjolique Reed Illinois
Tambreshia Richardson Texas
Amber Richmond Tennessee
Shelisa Robinson Louisiana
Tiffany Rucker Florida
Terrai Runnels Texas
Reynard Scott Arkansas
Nia Simmons Indiana
Kirstyn Smith California
Dante Steele Maryland
Javenia Stephens Georgia
Louvenia Stephens Georgia
Michael Sterling Florida
Eric Tamakloe Illinois
Elizabeth Taylor Georgia
Erica Thomas Georgia
Terkessa Toombs Nevada
Mercy Towett North Carolina
Danielle Troupe Indiana
Jazmine Turner Texas
Deborah Warmate Alabama
Lorenzo Watson-Lemarche Illinois
Caira Williams Georgia
Marquis Williams Massachusetts
Faddimatou Zebou Maryland



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