Wednesday, June 14

7-9 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8-9:40 a.m. Pre-Convention Boot Camp 1 (2 credits)
John Fleming1A. Accounting & Auditing Update: Part One (AA)
John M. Fleming, CPA, M.B.A. — Loscalzo Associates, Ltd.
Stay on top of the changes you need to know to be effective. Learn how to apply the provisions of recently issued accounting, auditing, compilation and review pronouncements. Major subjects include relevant accounting standards, updates to the FASB codification, audit services issues, and compilation and review issues.
1B. Individual Tax Update (TX)
Deborah A. Phillips, CPA, MST — Surgent Professional Education
Get up to speed on the latest tax law developments, changed requirements and related planning opportunities. You will come away from this session ready to educate your individual tax clients and implement tax-saving ideas that will serve their ever-evolving needs. Topics include:
  • The latest IRS rulings and procedures affecting individuals, along with important tax court decisions and tax law changes.
  • Any late-breaking issues related to Social Security, health care reform, retirement planning and more.
  • Current tax law and other late-breaking tax law changes, including post-election developments.
industry-icon Matthew Ryan, CPA, MBA, CFE 1C. Challenges for CFOs, Controllers and Financial Executives: Part One (MT)
Matthew Ryan, CPA, MBA, CFE — Business Learning Institute
Explore the key issues facing the financial executive in 2017. Analyze the impact to credit markets and banking; cash flow planning strategies; debt and equity mix in uncertain markets; globalization of the market; and acquiring distressed companies and assets. Specific recommendations and insights will be offered to help you to deal with the challenges.
Young CPAs Bill Sheridan, CAE1D. The Future-Ready Accountant: Moving From Compliance to Reliance (SK)
Bill Sheridan, CAE — Business Learning Institute
Recent research from the AICPA suggests that the business environment for accountants and their clients will be characterized by “unprecedented, massive and highly accelerated change” through 2025 and likely beyond. Not surprisingly, clients are demanding that their CPAs and accountants provide them with future-focused, proactive business advice — but only 8 percent of CPAs who responded to a recent survey say they are future-ready, and even fewer say they have the time to become so. This session will examine the trends that are impacting our profession and offer five steps that CPAs and accountants can take to become future-ready. By the end of the session, you’ll learn how to anticipate these trends and move from crisis manager to opportunity manager.

John Higgins, CPA  1E. Big Data and Data Analytics — What They Are All About (CS)
John Higgins, CPA — CPA Crossings, LLC
For CPAs, the ability to unleash the power of big data and data analytics provides an unprecedented opportunity to enhance their market value. The data analytics tools are getting easier to use and more powerful. CPAs are in a prime position to be the go-to professionals to help businesses use data analytics to make better business decisions. This session provides a primer on what it is all about and the opportunity to leverage it.

9:40-10 a.m. Coffee Break
10-11:40 a.m. Pre-Convention Boot Camp 2 (2 credits)
John Fleming2A. Accounting & Auditing Update: Part Two (AA)
John M. Fleming, CPA, M.B.A. — Loscalzo Associates, Ltd.
A continuation of part one
2B. Corporate/Partnership Tax Update (TX)
Deborah A. Phillips, CPA, MST — Surgent Professional Education
Join us to learn the latest developments for privately held business entities. We’ll address strategies, techniques, innovative tax-planning concepts, income-generating ideas, and other planning opportunities available to S corporations, partnerships, LLCs and LLPs.
  • Key cases, rulings, and tax law changes affecting S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships.
  • The year’s most important business tax cases, revenue rulings, PLRs, etc.
  • The new partnership audit regime.
  • Current tax law and any late-breaking tax legislation, including post-election developments
industry-icon 2C. Challenges for CFOs, Controllers and Financial Executives: Part Two (MT)
Matthew Ryan, CPA, MBA, CFE — Business Learning Institute
This session provides guidance to those dealing with the financial and accounting issues of the volatile financial markets that the global economy is currently experiencing. Useful tools will be explored for the strategic and operational roles of the CFO/controller particularly as it relates to HR, dealing with difficult people and ethics.
Young CPAs Bill Sheridan, CAE2D. Brand You: How to Be a Leader and Boost Your Career (PD)
Bill Sheridan, CAE — Business Learning Institute
You don’t need to write books or earn advanced degrees to be a thought leader. We’re all experts at something, and thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to tell the world about it. This session examines the dos and don’ts of personal brand management in the age of social media.

2E. NJCPA Leadership Training
The Nuts ‘n’ Bolts leadership session will provide practical, easy-to-follow how-tos to help you meet your NJCPA leadership responsibilities. Learn the basics of your volunteer role, whether it is how to be a responsible board member or how to operate your chapter or committee. This session, facilitated by key NJCPA staff and 2017/18 President Edward I. Guttenplan, CPA, MBA, CGMA, will provide the guidance leaders at all levels need. Topics will include motivating volunteers, communicating more effectively, sharing best practices and handling challenges. This session is required for all 2017/18 leaders. (NOTE: This session does not qualify for CPE credits.)

11 a.m.-12:45 p.m. Expo Hall Opens/Lunch with Sponsors & Exhibitors
11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. Emerging Leaders Lunch
12:45-1:15 p.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks (.5 credit, SK)
Convention Facilitator Don Meyer — NJCPA
NJCPA President Walter J. Brasch, CPA, CGMA — PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP
NJCPA CEO & Executive Director Ralph Albert Thomas, CGMA
1:15-2:30 p.m.
Bill Rancic
Opening Keynote
How to Succeed in Business and Life (1.5 credits, SK)
Bill Rancic — winner of The Apprentice, entrepreneur and author
Rancic will share entertaining lessons from experiences that vary from a pancake business he started with his grandmother at age 10 to his current ventures as small business spokesman, restauranteur and real estate developer. Find out how he broke away from the pack, made each day count — twice — and separated his expectations from his shortcomings, and how you can too.
2:30-3:45 p.m. Networking with Sponsors & Exhibitors/Refreshment Break
3:45-5 p.m. Larry Brudnicki  General Session
Leadership Secrets from the Perfect Storm
(1.5 credits, SK)
Captain Larry Brudnicki — real-life Coast Guard Captain in the Perfect Storm rescue
Against the backdrop of "The Perfect Storm," this session provides the perfect balance between inspiration and application. Learn seven steps to making the right decision, and hear examples of the courage, leadership and teamwork that are necessary to triumph in our uncertain business climate. Through practical lessons learned from his experiences, you will acquire powerful tools to make decisions even in the most difficult of circumstances.
5-6:30 p.m. Cocktail Reception
9-10:30 p.m. Coffee & Dessert Bar Reception


Thursday, June 15

7-9 a.m. Hot Breakfast Buffet with Sponsors and Exhibitors
8-9:40 a.m. Boot Camps (2 credits)
Salvatore A. Collemi, CPA 3A. Enhancing Audit Quality (AA)
Salvatore A. Collemi, CPA — Collemi Consulting & Advisory Services, LLC
Hear the latest challenges facing CPAs on the quality of their compilations, reviews and audits — and how you can best prepare for your next peer review. Explore the root causes in the decline of audit and attest quality in private company engagements, and take away realistic remedies that firm leaders and individual professionals can implement immediately.
Ash Ahluwalia3B. Social Security Tax Update (TX)
Ash Ahluwalia, M.B.A., NSSA, CSSCS, CFP — National Social Security Partners, LLC
Social Security is one of the most valuable pension plans ever created. A typical couple could receive as much as $1 million or more in lifetime benefits. Yet, most retirees miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in eligible benefits. According to the National Social Security Association, over 90 percent of filers receive less money than they are entitled to. There are over 2,700 rules governing Social Security, and a typical couple has 567 possible filing options. Under new rules resulting from the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, Social Security is now even more complicated. At this workshop, examine numerous strategies to maximize Social Security benefits to ensure your clients do not leave money on the table.
industry-icon Gene Marks3C. 10 Technologies That Will Significantly Impact the Accounting Profession in the Next Five Years (SK)
Gene Marks, CPA — The Marks Group, P.C.
Video, cloud accounting, mobile tech, office collaboration techs, customer relationship management...these are only a few of the major technology trends that are having a significant impact on how we do business, generate leads, sell and service our customers. During this session we’ll discuss how smart accountants are:
  • Reducing exposure to data breaches and other losses by selecting and implementing the right security applications.
  • Improving employee productivity with the latest collaboration and communication tools, and getting the most from these tools using best practices.
  • Minimizing overhead and structural costs with new services that perform back office operations more efficiently.
  • Utilizing new and innovative cloud-based technologies to recruit, manage, compensate and make them more attractive to the millennial workforce.
Young CPAs Bill Taylor  3D. Next Generation Leadership: The Critical Skillset (PD)
Bill Taylor — Corporate Ladders
In 2015, the Millennial generation surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce. Millennials are beginning to find themselves in the unique position of managing older workers. With the transition from staff to manager already a significant career challenge, the responsibility for supervising older professionals adds additional complexity. This session will identify some of the challenges facing new leaders.

Joseph Riccie Anurag Sharma
3E. Are You Cyber Aware? (CS)
Joseph Riccie, CPA and Anurag Sharma — WithumSmith+Brown, PC
Hear about the latest cyber risks and threats to organizations, the impact of breaches on small and medium-sized businesses, and how businesses can leverage the NIST cybersecurity framework to manager cyber risk. This session will highlight the recent cyber security regulatory developments and provide insight on how CPAs can leverage IT security audits to address these risks. Also provided will be an overview of Service Organization Controls (SOC) reports and how they can be leveraged to manage third-party risks, the second highest cause for cyber breaches.


9:40-10:40 a.m. Networking with Sponsors & Exhibitors/Refreshment Break
10:40-11 a.m. Opening Remarks
11 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Gene Marks, CPA
General Session
Millennials, Trump and Trends and Issues That Will Impact Your Cash Flow and Profits in the Next Four Years (1.5 credits, SK)
Gene Marks, CPA — The Marks Group, P.C.
In this entertaining, educational and fast-paced keynote, Washington Post columnist, business owner and author Gene Marks will answer the most significant questions facing your business over the next four years, including:
  • What effect will the soon-to-be largest generation in the U.S. have on your business and profits? And what do you need to know to find, hire and compensate this very different group of people so that they are happy, productive, motivated and profitable?
  • How will the policies of the Trump administration affect your business over the next four years? What regulations will change? What will happen with taxes, the Affordable Care Act and other legislation coming out of Washington?
  • What technologies are smart business owners and managers investing in now to ensure that their companies stay profitable, productive and attractive to Millennials and others in the coming years?
12:15-1:45 p.m. Lunch and Networking with Sponsors and Exhibitors
1:45-3 p.m. John O’Leary General Session
Today is Your Day. Live Inspired.
(1.5 credits, PD)
John O’Leary — best-selling author and motivational speaker
Expected to die, John O’Leary now teaches others how to truly live. He has endured more than most can imagine. At the age of nine, John was severely burned on 100 percent of his body. No one expected him to survive the first night. But he did. He then survived months in a hospital bed, dozens of surgeries and years of therapy. Before his tenth birthday, John lost all of his fingers to amputation. This wasn’t the end. John’s journey was just beginning. From this tragedy, John received the greatest gift — embracing the truth that regardless of our personal and professional challenges, we choose how to navigate adversity through decision-making. Reveal a brighter vision for what’s possible and live boldly to impact others.
3-3:30 p.m. Refreshment Break
3:30-5 p.m. NJCPA Annual Business Meeting (1 credit, SK)
7-11 p.m. Closing Dinner and Entertainment (Optional Event)
Dinner hosted by newly installed NJCPA President Edward I. Guttenplan, CPA, MBA, CGMA, of Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C. Immediately following dinner, join us as we Howl at the Moon, a world-famous Dueling Piano show. The high-energy, interactive performers will take requests and bring everyone onto the dance floor.


Friday, June 16

8-10 a.m. Breakfast and Business Update: NJ Business & Economic Roundtable (1.5 credits, SK)
G. Scott Clemons, CFA – Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Senator Steven V. Oroho – New Jersey Senator
Michael Symons – New Jersey 101.5

This roundtable will discuss key economic issues facing businesses and individuals in New Jersey. Find out what the public and private sectors need to do now in order to make New Jersey an attractive place to live and do business in the 21st century and beyond.
10-10:15 a.m. Break
10:15 a.m.-12 p.m. Post-Convention Boot Camp (2 credits)

Frank R. Boutillette 4A. Common Financial Statement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (AA)
Frank R. Boutillette, CPA, CGMA, ABV — WithumSmith+Brown
This session will discuss common errors in financial statement presentations found by your clients, their bankers and your peer reviewers.

Travis A. Greaves T. Joshua Wu
4B. The IRS is Coming: How to Prepare for the New IRS Partnership Audit Rules (TX)
Travis A. Greaves & T. Joshua Wu — Caplin & Drysdale
Congress recently passed the most significant change in partnership tax in more than 30 years, impacting both large and small partnerships and LLCs. The new IRS partnership audit rules apply to partnership tax years beginning after December 31, 2017, but all partnerships should take action now to begin to implement changes required under the new law. This session will briefly explain the fundamentals of the current Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) partnership audit rules with a focus on the difficulties that led to the replacement of TEFRA in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.Learn more about the new partnership audit regime, how it will affect your clients and the steps you should take now to prepare for 2018.
Young CPAs Rachel L. Anevski 4C. Generating New Business: Your Path to Success (PD)
Rachel L. Anevski, M.A.O.B., PHR, SHRM-CP — Matters of Management, LLC
Your path to generating new business just got easier. It might be the only thing holding you up from accelerating your career. Come learn how to leverage your natural abilities to get ahead in professional services sales. Everyone has the ability to be a "finder." Unlock your potential and learn valuable tools to build your book. Key take-aways include:
  • An extrovert’s path to being more than a relationship builder.
  • An introvert’s path to winning new clients.
  • Delivering relevant and easy elevator speeches that don't put you to sleep.
  • Secrets on how to build an amazing pipeline of referral sources.
Ralph J. Consola 4D. The Latest Valuation Trends Impacting the CPA Profession (CS)
Ralph J. Consola, M.B.A. — Marshall & Stevens
From purchase price allocations (FASB ASC 805) to cost segregation analyses and valuations of fractional interests (aka Discount Studies) for tax reporting purposes, there are ways to work with valuation experts that will improve efficiencies and produce greater results for your clients. During this session, learn key valuation techniques as well as the processes involved in producing these analyses.

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