New Jersey CPA Political Action Committee

The New Jersey CPA Political Action Committee (NJ-CPA-PAC) allows CPAs in New Jersey to pool their resources to help elect candidates for state office who demonstrate a positive concern for those issues important to the CPA profession. The NJ-CPA-PAC is not affiliated with any political party and is organized and operated on a non-partisan, independent basis.

It's the NJ-CPA-PAC that works to protect our profession, fighting unfair legislation that would hinder the ability of CPAs to practice their profession and to serve clients and the businesses they work for. The NJ-CPA-PAC supports candidates for state office who are committed to the issues important to the CPA profession and provides a mechanism for launching grassroots campaigns in support of the profession's legislative priorities.

Contributing to the NJ-CPA-PAC is one of the easiest and most effective ways for CPAs to get involved in the political process and have an impact on the CPA profession. Now, more than ever, it is important for every CPA in the state to join the NJ-CPA-PAC.

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Critical issues we're working on now:

  • Fighting any attempts to impose a sales tax on professional services. The past decade has seen several attempts by lawmakers to adopt a sales tax on professional services to close persistent budget deficits. This is an issue that we are always watching very closely.
  • Creating Appeal Bond Caps: Fighting to pass legislation that would cap Appeal Bonds in NJ to the total value of the monetary judgment or $50 million, whichever is less. This will help ensure that the appellate level remains open to defendants who are hit with large damages at the trial level. (Without the recent passage of similar legislation in Florida, BDO might have been forced out of business when it faced damages of several hundred million dollars at the trial level in a case brought against them in Florida.)
  • Supporting tax reform measures, such as reducing or eliminating NJ’s estate taxes.
  • Supporting legislation to reduce CPAs liability exposure. The PAC supports legislation that requires that civil actions alleging professional malpractice be brought within two years. Currently, the statute of limitations in these cases is six years.
  • Fighting legislation and proposed regulations that would require mandatory audit firm rotation for local and state government entities.



Contact Jeff Kaszerman at or 973-226-4494 x210.

NJ-CPA-PAC Trustees

  • Chairperson
    James Flannery
  • Vice Chairperson
    Dominic Caglioti
  • Secretary
    Carole Hedinger
  • Treasurer
    Joseph Scutellaro
  • Trustees
    Marc Mintz
    Robert Traphagen
    Philip Murphy
    Alan Sobel
    Tracey Early
    Lloyd George
    Edward O'Connell
    Alejandro Serrano

Upcoming Meetings

There are currently no upcoming PAC meetings.

The NJ-CPA-PAC, is a non-profit entity that was incorporated in 1977. It is not affiliated with or controlled by the New Jersey Society of CPAs. It is funded with voluntary contributions made by CPAs. Those contributions are not tax deductible. The NJ-CPA-PAC complies with all applicable laws and files quarterly and annual reports with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.