Mobile Audio Learning

These mobile audio courses offered by ProDio offer flexible and engaging continuing professional education. Listen to modules via the ProDio mobile app where ever you are or when you’re on the go. 

The “story-style” courses include formal learning outcomes, handouts, skill-testing questions, a course evaluation and a completion certificate. And they cover a range of professional development topics ranging from strategy and leadership to ethics and protecting clients. 

Once you purchase a course, it will be available for one year from date of purchase, so you can listen to it as many times as you like.


Available Programs

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Ethics Conversations: Building an Ethics-Based Culture

Organizations with strong ethics-based cultures are significantly less prone to misconduct. Driving the right culture is part of our professional responsibility and is key to organizational success, but culture can be elusive and dynamic.

Professional Skepticism

When you read a headline online that says “Insanity: The Word ‘Man’ Is Banned at Princeton University,” do you immediately think “That goes too far!”? Or is your first reaction “Really? That sounds like an author writing a sensational headline to generate traffic to their article.” Our employers and clients count on us to be the “voice of reason” and to show a healthy amount of skepticism. Learn techniques for exhibiting professional skepticism, which is one of the key underlying competencies supporting our ability to meet our ethical requirements.

Conflicts of Interest Unpacked

Conflicts of interest can certainly cause serious harm when they are mishandled, yet their occurrence is not unusual in our professional lives. Organizations and individuals need and value our expertise, and as we take on more roles and opportunities, we’re likely to face situations that might present real or perceived conflicts of interest. Laws, regulations, professional codes of conduct and company policies all take great care to ensure that those in positions of trust are held to account if they put self interest ahead of their professional duties.

Acing Your Strategy

We all know a little about strategy, but do we really understand "why” and “how” to plan effectively and the human factor that often causes our planning attempts to fail?

Leading Through Influence

In the words of author and business coach Ken Blanshard, “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” In this course, we talk to experts as we explore this concept of influence and why it is so important to long-term success in leadership.

Promoting Employee Engagement

There can be little doubt that employee engagement is an important issue for those in human resources management and leadership roles, and it is a topic of conversation in many organizations today. Companies struggle with financial pressures and are trying to improve performance with fewer resources. Having committed and high-performing employees who freely give their discretionary effort is of critical importance; in fact, it is a competitive advantage that can set your organization apart from the competition.

Leading Digital Transformation

If we didn't realize it before, the COVID-19 pandemic has made digital transformation a pressing reality and dramatically escalated the timeline. The only question now is, do you move toward full-scale or partial digital transformation? Digital technology is driving massive change in the workplace. Organizations of all types and sizes are investing in it to improve collaboration, increase productivity and transform the customer experience.

Ethical Client Acquisition

Llearn effective client acquisition techniques and how to apply proven client acquisition practices in a way that is consistent with the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. You will learn how to build client rapport, build your personal credibility and brand as an accountant and create the foundation for deepening your business relationship with the client over time. For those seeking a more meaningful learning experience, the course includes "Wisdom Points" - challenging statements about your internal level of confidence and emotional intelligence that affect your relationships with clients at every stage of the client-acquisition cycle.

Focus on Change: Change Management Essentials

Change is inevitable. Join Dr. Hilary Curry, a change management expert, as she guides you through the many essentials of understanding the world of change, bringing in 13 top experts from all over the globe to share their experience, advice and best practices. Hilary takes a holistic, wide angle view of change and covers both the traditional tactical elements of change and also the behavioral and complimentary models that further support successful Change Management within organizations.

Conflict Management: From the Inside Out

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” - Sigmund Freud . What is conflict and what is it about conflict that makes us do anything to avoid it? When conflict is avoided, the consequences of unaddressed emotions and frustrations become even more severe. This is not your average conflict management course. “From the Inside Out” refers to our inner workings, emotions and perceptions - what is happening inside us during conflict.