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Majority of New Jersey CPAs Polled Say NJ’s Tax Incentive Programs are Not Effective in Attracting Companies and Jobs

Posted: January 28, 2019
More than 55 percent of the NJCPA members polled earlier this month said the state’s tax incentive programs are not effective in attracting companies and jobs to the state. More than 28 percent said state tax incentives were somewhat effective and less than 9 percent believed they were effective.

Nearly 50 Percent of New Jersey CPAs Say Legalizing Adult-Use Marijuana Would Help the Economy

Posted: January 23, 2019
In a survey conducted earlier this month, 48 percent of the 1,063 NJCPA members who responded said legalizing adult-use marijuana in New Jersey would help the economy, compared to 22 percent who said it would have no impact and 20 percent who said it would hurt the economy.

NJCPA Supports Governor Murphy’s Drive to Foster Small-Business Growth But Not Full Minimum Wage Rise

Posted: January 17, 2019
In Governor Murphy’s first State of the State address on Jan. 15, he spoke about fostering the new economy of New Jersey — a key objective of NJCPA. Here, the NJCPA shares its response to the Governor's address.

New Jersey CPAs Say Minimum Wage Should Be Raised, But Not to $15

Posted: December 19, 2018
More than 55 percent of the CPAs surveyed earlier this month support raising the state’s minimum wage. However, if the minimum wage were raised to $15 an hour — even over a period of years — 63 percent of those surveyed said it would hurt the state’s economy.

NJCPA Endorses NJ Economic and Fiscal Policy Workgroup’s Pension and Benefit Reform Recommendations in Path to Progress Report

Posted: November 8, 2018
Given the state of New Jersey’s pension and retiree health benefit crisis — with liabilities of more than $151 billion and counting — these recommendations are crucial to getting the state’s economy back on track.

More Than 75 Percent of CPAs Say New Jersey’s Budget Will Hurt Economy Over Long Term

Posted: July 16, 2018
More than 75 percent of the 921 CPAs who were surveyed by the NJCPA in July said that New Jersey’s 2019 state budget, which was signed by Governor Murphy on July 1, would have a negative impact on the state’s economy.

NJCPA Makes Seven Recommendations to Governor Murphy to Improve NJ’s Business Climate

Posted: June 21, 2018
The NJCPA is concerned that elements of Governor Phil Murphy’s budget will have far-reaching consequences, affecting New Jersey’s ability to grow and attract business. We ask our policymakers to consider these seven recommendations.

CPAs Take Dim View of Governor Murphy's Proposed Budget

Posted: May 29, 2018
Nearly 75 percent of the 786 CPAs who responded to a New Jersey Society of CPAs’ (NJCPA) survey this month said New Jersey’s economy would either get “significantly worse” (31 percent) or “marginally worse” (44 percent) over the long term under Governor Murphy’s proposed budget plan. Only 14 percent said it would end up better.

The NJCPA plays a critical role protecting the CPA profession in the New Jersey Legislature. No group has more impact on your ability to practice your profession than the Governor and the members of the Legislature. One of the most powerful methods we use to influence this group is through direct contacts made by CPAs who have existing relationships with a lawmaker(s). If you have a relationship with any New Jersey lawmaker, please contact Jeff Kaszerman at 973-226-4494 x210 or jkaszerman@njcpa.org.