Lessons Learned at NJCPA 2018 Annual Convention & Expo

by Pui Man Chan, Stockton University student | Jun 28, 2018

On June 14, 10 students from Stockton University were surrounded by hundreds of professionals ranging from certified public accountants (CPAs) to CEOs and finance professionals at the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) 2018 Annual Convention & Expo. Participants freely exchanged ideas and discussed and reflected on their challenges and successes. Like the professional attendees, as a student, I learned so much valuable information at the Convention sessions.

Here are three lessons learned:

  • Develop a plan. One of the courses walked us through questions, such as “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I learned that our values and passion are important to create a strategic plan that will guide us to move forward and advance our goals in an accounting profession.
  • Advancement of Technology plays a huge impact. Many professionals need to understand and apply information technology to further increase efficiency in their business and provide great customer service to satisfy the needs of their clients.
  • Grow as a professional. I have had opportunities to both broaden and deepen my pool of knowledge. The knowledge I gained through the Convention presentations and during the personal interactions was really inspiring and my eyes were opened to opportunities for growth within this field.

After the Convention, we students are all left with many ideas and topics for reflection. And I hope that we are also able to contribute to the conversation at the conference next time. From a student perspective, this event is a great opportunity for connecting with the Society, staying on top of industry trends, and networking with many wonderful professionals.

Puiman  Chan

Puiman Chan

Puiman Chan is a student at Stockton University, an NJCPA scholarship recipient and a student ambassador for NJCPA.

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  1. Jean Abbott  |  July 14, 2018
    I am so glad that you enjoyed the day at the convention.  The NJCPA is a great resource for all students, offering them free membership, scholarship opportunities, advice, and networking.   
  2. Dr. Barry Palatnik   |  July 12, 2018
    Your recap, exceeded my expectations in taking you and your fellow students to the convention. The resources at the convention cannot be taught in the classroom. This was a great opportunity to further your understanding of the accounting profession. I am so glad this experience made such a positive impact.
  3. Marc C Demetriou  |  July 12, 2018

    Excellent recap!

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  4. Maryann Holloway   |  July 1, 2018
    You have captured the essence of the event well. I am glad that you and the other students found value from the convention. You had asked me via LinkedIn if I would add a comment providing a piece of advice to young people entering the profession from my experience. I’d have to say that you aren’t successful by progressing through your career in a bubble. Most of your actions or inactions can impact others. The ability to work in teams and put the team goal ahead of your own is important.

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