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  • Meet Your 2019/20 NJCPA President

    Published on 6/1/19

    Meet Kyle Sell, CPA, your 2019/20 NJCPA President. Watch this video to learn about Kyle's leadership style and vision for the NJCPA.
  • Howard Bookbinder | Member Story

    Published on 2/27/19

    Howard Bookbinder has been on Broadway for his entire professional life. From the Palace Theatre to the Brill Building and finally to Broadway in Fair Lawn, NJ, learn about Howard's impressive 50+ year career in this NJCPA member story.
  • The Klarbergs | Member Story

    Published on 1/22/19

    Elena Klarberg, CPA, has held many jobs, from religious school instructor to aquatics director at a summer camp to the all-important stay-at-home mom. But in her 40s, she decided to finally go to college and become a CPA...while her son Zach did the same thing! Learn about both of their experiences in this member story.
  • Tim Shore | Member Story

    Published on 11/1/18

    Tim Shore, CPA, wakes up at 4:30 a.m. every day to tend to the goats, feed the chickens, clean up after the pigs, make sure the ducks have water and play with his four Great Pyrenees dogs. And then he goes to work as the managing partner of Levine Jacobs & Company, LLC. Tim doesn't live the typical life of a CPA. Watch this video to learn more about his dual personality as a farmer and a CPA.
  • Reflections on the Presidency | Ed Guttenplan

    Published on 6/28/18

    As Ed Guttenplan's presidency comes to an end, he looks back on what he set out to do, what he accomplished, and what he envisions for the future of the NJCPA.
  • Shaune Scutellaro | Member Story

    Published on 3/1/18

    Shaune Scutellaro, CPA, Senior Tax Manager at CohnReznick LLP did not follow the most common path in becoming a CPA. In fact, a few years before passing the CPA exam, he was signed to an indie record label touring New Jersey and occasionally the country with his band, Echo Screen. How do you go from center stage to partner track? Watch this video to hear Shaune's story.
  • Kathleen Powers and Allison Ligori | Member Story

    Published on 2/13/18

    Matheny is a very special place. While it may be a "specialized hospital," it really is so much more. Hear from Kathleen Powers, CPA, and Allison Ligori about their roles in the finance department, and what it's like being an accountant at Matheny in this Member Story.
  • Trisha Patel | Member Story

    Published on 9/1/17

    Trisha Patel, CPA, a first-generation Indian-American, was the first child in her family to have the full "American experience". Becoming a CPA is "just not something women do in India," but Trisha did it...even if her own grandmother didn't believe her. Watch her story to learn more.
  • Henrietta G. Fuchs, CPA | MEMBER PROFILE: I Passed!

    Published on 11/10/14

    Henrietta G. Fuchs, CPA, of CohnReznick, LLP, reminisces on what it took for her to finally pass the 4th and final part of the CPA exam - and how relieved she felt when she learned she'd done it!
  • Andrew Farinich | MEMBER PROFILE

    Published on 10/7/14

    NJCPA student member Andrew Farinich discusses why and how he picked the accounting field. Listen and find out how taking advantage of each opportunity offered to you - and accepting help from others - can help you achieve your goals.
  • Edward E. Adiele, CPA | MEMBER PROFILE: I Passed!

    Published on 10/2/14

    Edward E. Adiele, CPA, of Deloitte had to pass two parts of the CPA Exam within the same window. He learned the results of each at the same exact time. Find out about that day. (Hint: he lost his voice!)
  • Edward E Adiele, CPA | RECIPIENT: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 10/1/14

    Is passing the CPA Exam achievable? Edward E. Adiele, CPA, Deloitte, asked this many times throughout his journey to becoming a CPA. Find out how he finally did it.
  • Henrietta G. Fuchs, CPA | RECIPIENT: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 9/3/14

    Henrietta G. Fuchs, CPA, moved to the United States at the age of 18 and chose to pursue accounting because it was something that came easy to her even though she had not yet mastered the English language. Thanks to the NJCPA scholarship, she was able to graduate with minimal student loans.
  • Henrietta G. Fuchs, CPA | RECIPIENT: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 9/3/14

    Henrietta G. Fuchs, CPA tells her scholarship story of how she became a CPA.
  • Tony Marone, CPA: Unexpected Outcome | RECIPIENT: NJCPA Scholarship Fund nd

    Published on 8/12/14

    For Anthony Marone, vice president of The Blackstone Group, earning his CPA license was only the second-best outcome of his time spent in accounting courses. He also met his wife!
  • Tony Marone, CPA: Unintentional CPA | RECIPIENT: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 8/12/14

    Anthony Marone, vice president of The Blackstone Group, owes his career as a CPA to a high school friend who asked him to go through the NJCPA scholarship process with him because he didn't want to go it alone.
  • Joseph Hark II | MEMBER PROFILE

    Published on 8/6/14

    Joseph Hark, NJCPA student member, was attracted to the accounting field because of the plethora of job opportunities it offers.
  • Tony Novak, CPA | MEMBER PROFILE - I Passed!

    Published on 7/1/14

    Hear Tony's story about how he passed the CPA exam despite a life-altering head injury.
  • David A. Lopez, CPA | MEMBER PROFILE

    Published on 4/4/14

    David A. Lopez, CPA of Lopez and Company LLC, tells his story of success as a business person in a profession that - to date - has not been known as being widely diverse.
  • Ainsley A. Reynolds, CPA, CGMA | MEMBER PROFILE

    Published on 2/27/14

    Recent studies show that less than 3 percent of CPAs in the United States are minorities. Driven by a desire to move the needle on this metric, Ainsley A. Reynolds, CPA, CGMA, dedicates time to M.A.L.E.S., a program that works to create positive black male role models to youth.
  • Robert J. Traphagen, CGMA | DONOR: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 12/3/13

    Receiving an accounting scholarship was a tipping point in my life without which I would not be here today. Today, as a scholarship donor, my contribution is in time (mentoring others) and in dollars (providing funding for scholarship programs).
  • Bowman & Company, LLP | DONOR: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 11/13/13

    Sadly, on April 2, 2008, Lisa A. Donahue, CPA, was taken from us at the young age of 46. It was only fitting that shortly after Lisa’s death, the partners of her former firm, Bowman & Company LLP, honored the memory of this truly remarkable person and created a scholarship through the Society’s Scholarship Fund in her name.
  • Megan Cicchetti | DONOR: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 10/22/13

    Megan Cicchetti, CPA/ABV, was raised by her father, who worked long hours and was tired on the weekends, but he never let it stop him from being the coach for any sports teams or staying up with us at night if we were sick. He encouraged her to pursue her dream of attending college, and now she contributes to the NJCPA Scholarship Fund each year so that others can pursue theirs.
  • John Lee | DONOR: NJCPA Scholarship Fund

    Published on 10/7/13

    Thirty years after receiving a high school scholarship of his own, John Lee, CPA, was afforded the opportunity to help a new generation of high school seniors when he was elected NJCPA President. In 1986, he initiated a campaign that increased the Scholarship Fund from $12,000 to $148,000.
  • Martin H. Abo, CPA | MEMBER PROFILE

    Published on 5/6/13

    This parody of MTV Cribs™ features the Abo's whimsical home. Read more about the man behind the crib, Martin H. Abo, CPA in the July/August 2013 issue of New Jersey CPA Magazine.

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