Developing Your EPS

June 7, 2022

In survey after survey, employers state that soft skills are either as important or more important than hard skills. But the term “soft skills” has gotten a bad rap over the years. A better term, according to Thomas Metelski - a CPA and the founder of Jump Coaching & Consulting - is enhanced people skills (EPS). Thomas shares how CPAs can use the five “As” to improve their EPS.


Jeffrey  Kaszerman

Jeffrey Kaszerman

Jeff Kaszerman is the vice president of government relations for New Jersey Society of CPAs. He works with the CEO and board of trustees to create and implement advocacy initiatives that protect and promote the interests of the CPA profession, the business community and the public.

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Thomas W. Metelski

Thomas W. Metelski

Thomas Metelski, CPA, is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach and founder of Jump Coaching & Consulting, LLC. He has 20 years of experience working with top tier global companies in the telecommunications, chemical, medical device and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.

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