Fighting Fraud in a Remote Work Environment

April 8, 2021

Is fraud more prevalent in today’s remote work environment? How can a CPA effectively conduct a fraud investigation when most people are working remotely? In this episode, we discuss these issues and more with Melissa Dardani, CPA, founder of MD Advisory. And since Melissa is also the leader of the NJCPA Cannabis Interest Group, we also tapped her to provide an update on the state of the cannabis industry in New Jersey.

Melissa A. Dardani

Melissa A. Dardani

Melissa Dardani, CPA, is the founder of MD Advisory. She is also the leader of the NJCPA Cannabis Interest Group, a member of the Student Loan Debt Task Force and a member of the Emerging Leaders Council.

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Sean D. Stein Smith

Sean D. Stein Smith

Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CPA, is a professor at the City University of New York – Lehman College. He also is the leader of the NJCPA Emerging Technologies Interest Group (#NJCPATech) and the host of the NJCPA TechTalk Podcast. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, where he co-chairs the Accounting Work Group.

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