About the NJCPA

Founded in 1898, the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA) is the largest professional organization serving the needs of Garden State CPAs and aspiring CPAs. With a membership of more than 14,000, the NJCPA represents the majority of New Jersey CPAs in public practice, business & industry, government and education. We support our members through a variety of education, networking, leadership and volunteer initiatives. 

The NJCPA offers more than 500 continuing education programs annually to help members increase their value to their clients, companies or organizations and to help CPAs meet their continuing education requirements. Eleven chapters and numerous committees and interest groups made up of hundreds of CPA volunteers develop programs and address issues to help all members be successful professionals. 

We also represent the profession’s interests before lawmakers and regulatory bodies. The NJCPA is active in the state legislature, and works closely with outside groups to monitor and respond to issues that affect CPAs and their clients. 

Additionally, we’re committed to promoting public confidence in the integrity, objectivity, competence and professionalism of CPAs and the quality of their services.

The NJCPA staff operate under the following core values:

Getting to Know Sarah Krom

Posted: July 26, 2018
In receiving the NJCPA presidential torch for the 2018/19 term from Edward I. Guttenplan, CPA, Sarah Krom, CPA, became the youngest NJCPA president at the age of 35. Read more.

NJCPA Bylaws Changes Approved by Members

Posted: July 2, 2018
The proposed revisions to the NJCPA bylaws were recently approved by the membership.

What We Learned from the NJCPA Member Survey

Posted: May 18, 2018
A recent NJCPA member survey asked a series of open-ended questions designed to gain insight on key challenges and opportunities for the profession, our members and the Society. Here's what we learned.