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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Registration: 7:30 AM

Pines Manor2085 State Highway 27
Edison, NJ 08817

CPE Credits

  • 2.00 CPE Credits in MT

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Course Developer

Take advantage of this all-in-one workshop for CPAs working in private industry. Top instructors from Executive Education, Inc. will share leadership secrets that CFOs and financial accountants can take advantage of. Choose from 3 sets of breakout sessions focusing on personal development, crowd funding, strategic pricing, effective communication and more. Close the day with a discussion on the most important skills you’ll need to stay competitive through the next ten years.

Designed For

CFOs and CPAs and working in private industry.



Registration and Breakfast

Leaders Eat Last (MT)
Don Minges, MBA - The Numbers Guy CFO, LLC
Trust is essential, because without trust, there can be no teamwork. Trust is like oxygen, when it is gone - we suffocate. This session provides a 15-step action plan to gain commitment from your team members, build trust, hold each person accountable and create results for your organization.

Morning Break

Breakout Sessions (Choose One)
1A. Working with Your Board and Audit Committee (MT)
John F. Levy, MBA, CPA - Board Advisory
The relationship between the CFO, the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee has changed forever. The Board is looking to the CFO and the finance and accounting department for more – more integrity, more honesty, more information and more strategic analysis. How do you meet these challenges? Your Board and Audit Committee are now better qualified and more independent. How do you tap into the knowledge and experience of your audit committee members? Veteran director and public company CFO, John F. Levy, will explain how to communicate effectively with your Board and Audit Committee and how to use them as competitive assets.

1B. Pricing for Profitability: Why Cost Matters (AA)
John L. Daly, MBA, CPA, CMA, CPIM - Executive Education, Inc.
Three things can happen in pricing, and two of them are bad. Overpriced products are a missed opportunity, whereas underpriced products give away your products at a loss. When sales and accounting personnel fail to work together, the company risks becoming its industry’s “dumb” competitor. Accountants involved in pricing can help the company understand the difference between “dog” and “gravy” opportunities with knowledge that directly translates into an improved profitability. You will leave this session understanding why the company with the best cost information wins!

Morning Break

Breakout Sessions (Choose One)
2A. Crowd Funding: What Every CFO Should Know (SK)
Don Minges, MBA - The Numbers Guy CFO, LLC

The internet provides several new ways to raise money. These methods, called crowd funding, allow organizations to raise money through donations, pre-sales, debt and equity, often from large numbers of people. Crowd funding is getting easier due to emerging regulations the JOBS act provides. While not appropriate for all organizations, crowd funding has no shortage of success stories. However, risks, advantages, disadvantages and costs exist. This session provides a crowd funding overview for finance professionals who want to learn about this new financing method, including key considerations for each crowd funding type.

2B. Black Swans: Prepare for the Unexpected (AA)
John F. Levy, MBA, CPA - Board Advisory
Did you ever hear the phrase, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you”? Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in his book The Black Swan, postulates that it is exactly what we don’t know that can hurt us the most. The risks we need to be most concerned about are the risks we cannot identify or predict. Taleb calls these risks “Black Swans”. This session will discuss some historical black swan events and, more importantly, discuss how financial professionals and their organizations can prepare for a future we cannot even envision.


Breakout Sessions (Choose One)
3A. Communicating Financial Information to Non-Accountants (AA)
John L. Daly, MBA, CPA, CMA, CPIM - Executive Education, Inc.

Do you ever get blank looks when you present your company’s financial statements? Does your board nod knowingly after your presentation, but never seems to have any meaningful questions? It could be that they have no idea what you are talking about and are just pretending to understand! Learn how to connect with your CEO, board, fellow managers and team members so they understand your message. Learn to motivate them to action. Come hear a veteran CFO tell you how.

3B. Introvert Power: Why Quiet Leaders are Successful (MT)
Don Minges, MBA - The Numbers Guy CFO, LLC
Leaders were once chosen for their character but today we live in an age where loudmouthed extroverts seem to take center stage in everything, including business, politics and entertainment. While the talkative, charismatic leader makes the front page of business magazines, recent research shows that successful business leaders tend to be more reserved, pensive and sometimes outright shy. Learn why your desire to spend significant time inside your own head may be your greatest asset.


Panel Discussion: Most Important Skills for Financial Professionals in the Next Decade (MT)
John L. Daly, John F. Levy & Don Minges
This session features a free form discussion among the day’s speakers about the skills which financial professionals will need in the next decade to keep themselves, and their companies competitive in an increasingly global economy.
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John Daly

John L. Daly, CPA, M.B.A., CMA, CPIM
Executive Education, Inc.

John L. Daly, MBA, CPA, CMA, CPIM, is a Chelsea, Michigan-based management consultant specializing in costing, pricing strategy and pricing model development. He has taught continuing professional education courses since 1995. John has been CFO for a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier and a large restaurant chain and COO for a window treatments manufacturer and retailer. He authored, Pricing for Profitability published by Wiley and Sons.

John Levy

John F. Levy, CPA, M.B.A.
Board Advisory

John F. Levy, MBA, CPA, is the CEO of Board Advisory, a firm that assists public companies, or companies aspiring to be public, with corporate governance, compliance, financial reporting and financial strategies. He has nine years’ experience with three large public accounting firms and served as CFO of both public and private companies. John currently is on the boards of three public companies and three non-profits, serving as Chairman of one company and audit committee chair of another. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Don Minges

Don Minges, M.B.A.
Executive Education, Inc.

Don Minges, MBA, is a fractional CFO who works in diverse industries at various development stages. His expertise is in profitability enhancement, strategic planning, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, consulting, turnarounds, economic forecasting, cost accounting and financial analysis. Don has experience raising equity for several growing firms and has invested equity capital into promising businesses. He has served on the Board of Directors for many firms. He graduated with highest honors from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke.

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