Four-Year Scholarships

The NJCPA Scholarship Fund awards $7,000 scholarships to college-bound New Jersey high school seniors intending to major in accounting or obtain a concentration in accounting which includes not less than 24 accounting credits. Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, standardized test scores, essay and personal interview. See complete eligibility requirements below.

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Contact Pam Isenburg at pisenburg@ or 862-702-5641.


Applications for the 2021 scholarship will be available in the fall of 2020.
Before completing the application form, you will need to:
  • Prepare a 500-word essay on the topic below. Copy and paste your essay into the application for submission. Please refrain from including any identifying information in your essay such as your name or school. Your essay will be judged on the following areas: content and originality; commitment to being a CPA; and, grammar, language and organization. An essay that exceeds expectations will demonstrate that the question is answered clearly and accurately and covers all topics requested. The essay is unique, creative and engaging. Language and vocabulary demonstrate sophisticated and exceptional use. An exceptional understanding of the CPA profession is indicated. The candidate is excited about what he/she can accomplish as a CPA.

    • Topic: Why did you choose accounting and what do you think being a CPA will mean to your career?
  • Read and accept the rules below.


  1. Eligibility

    This scholarship is for college-bound high school seniors intending to major in accounting or obtain a concentration in accounting which includes not less than 24 accounting credits. Applicants must:

    1. Be a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted for permanent residence, and a NJ resident attending a NJ public, parochial/private or home school high school.
    2. Have a cumulative three-year GPA of 3.5 or above OR a minimum total SAT score* (combined evidence-based reading and writing plus math) of 1260 OR minimum composite ACT score of 26. School transcripts and test scores should be submitted via mail, email or fax.
    3. Be planning to enter a U.S. college/university in the upcoming fall semester. Students planning to attend a two-year college must submit a letter of intent signed by the student and a parent or legal guardian indicating that the student intends to obtain a four-year degree as an accounting major or obtain a concentration in accounting which includes not less than 24 accounting credits at a four-year college/university after completing studies at the two-year college.
  2. Application Deadline

    Completed applications must be received by midnight TBD for 2021. A completed application includes:

    1. Application, submitted online with all required fields completed.
    2. Application essay, submitted online with no identifying information (e.g., your name, your school).
    3. Guidance Department Form including student grade point average, standardized test score, guidance counselor name and signature, submitted by the student’s guidance counselor via mail, email or fax.
    4. Copy of SAT or ACT score results, submitted via mail, email or fax.

    All of the above components must be received by midnight TBD for 2021 in order for an application to be considered complete. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the NJCPA if confirmation of receipt is not received within three (3) business days of submission.

  3. Required Interview

    All finalists will be notified by TBD for 2021. Finalists are required to attend an interview on TBD for 2021, at the NJCPA offices in Roseland, New Jersey. The snow date is TBD for 2021. There will be no make-up date.

  4. Inquiries

    The NJCPA Student Programs and Scholarship Committee will answer any questions that may arise as to eligibility, participation or selection of winners. In all cases, the committee’s decisions are final. Questions from applicants may be sent to or directed to Pam Isenburg at

  5. Notification of Results

    Scholarship recipients will be notified in TBD for 2021. A list of all recipients will be available at

  6. Duplicate Scholarships

    In the event a scholarship recipient also receives a scholarship from another source, which he or she stands to lose as a result of winning an NJCPA Scholarship, the Student Programs and Scholarship Committee may, at the recipient’s request, withdraw or reduce the amount of the award.

  7. Award Disbursement and Terms
    1. Scholarship payments are made annually to the academic institution in four pro-rated installments. Payment is contingent upon submission of the following documents:

      Payment Documents to be Submitted by Recipient Prior to Payment
      1 Scholarship Activation Form
      2 Transcript with confirmation of completion of minimum of 29 credits and a minimum GPA of 2.8.
      3 Transcript with confirmation of completion of minimum of 59 credits and a minimum year two GPA of 3.0.
      4 Transcript with confirmation of completion of minimum of 89 credits, major or concentration in accounting, a minimum achievement of 12 credits in accounting, a minimum year-three GPA of 3.0 and a cumulative GPA of 3.2.
    2. Scholarship recipients who transfer to another academic institution must submit confirmation of acceptance and enrollment in order to receive payment.
    3. Scholarship recipients who remain continuously enrolled at an academic institution have six years from the start of his or her education to graduate. Payments will be made in accordance with class standing/academic level as outlined above.
    4. Scholarships may be reduced, suspended, withdrawn or terminated under the following conditions:

      1. Recipient withdraws from the academic institution and does not re-enroll at either the same or a different academic institution in the following semester.
      2. Recipient receives a judgment of criminal conviction for a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year under the law of the convicting jurisdiction.
      3. Recipient is found guilty of an act of dishonesty such a cheating, plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty and/or furnishes false or misleading information to the NJCPA Scholarship Fund.
      4. Recipient fails to maintain satisfactory academic standing as described above.
      5. Recipient fails to provide a copy of an official transcript at the end of each spring semester.
      6. Recipient fails to declare accounting major/concentration or changes major.
      7. Recipient fails to respond within 15 days of being contacted by NJCPA employees to confirm qualifying information or on any other matter related to the scholarship.