NJCPA Membership+

Members Earn Free Continuing Education Credits All Year Long

Membership+ provides members of the NJCPA with 20 free CPE credits for web-based courses that equip them with the knowledge they need to be relevant and valuable in today’s accounting profession.

From June 1, 2020, through May 31, 2021, Membership+ offers a broad mix of web-based courses covering essential topics in accounting, business and technology. Information about upcoming courses and registration details are emailed to members and listed on this web page as well. 

Membership+ Provides These Benefits and Much More



Membership+ enables you to meet your minimum annual CPE requirement for free.



Grow expertise in technical topics and areas that help advance your career and business.



Receive 20 CPE credits for free, which exceeds the cost of membership.

Membership+ Event Schedule — 2020/21

All of the Membership+ designated courses that are currently scheduled appear below. Be sure to renew your membership so that you will be able to register for free. More events will be added throughout the year, and members will be notified about upcoming events monthly.

4/22/21Great Technology Isn't Everything ... Actually it is!12:00-12:50 PM EDTLive Webcast
4/26/21Great Technology Isn't Everything ... Actually it is!12:00-12:50 PM EDTWebcast Replay
4/29/21Great Technology Isn't Everything ... Actually it is!10:00-10:50 AM EDTWebcast Replay
5/20/21Accounting & Auditing Update12:00-1:15 PM EDTLive Webcast
5/24/21Accounting & Auditing Update12:00-1:15 PM EDTWebcast Replay
5/27/21Accounting & Auditing Update10:00-11:15 AM EDTWebcast Replay

    Coming in 2021/22

    We are in the process of scheduling the Membership+ courses that will take place June 2021 through May 2022. More events will be added soon, and all members who renew their membership will be able to register for these events for free, once registration opens.

    6/15/21IssuesWatch Live: Professional Issues Update9:00-10:00 AM EDTLive Webcast
    6/22/21IssuesWatch Live: Professional Issues Update12:00-1:00 PM EDTWebcast Replay
    6/23/21IssuesWatch Live: Professional Issues Update12:00-1:00 PM EDTWebcast Replay


      • Is there a fee for Membership+?

        There are no fees to receive Membership+ benefits other than payment of membership dues.
      • Who is eligible for Membership+?

        Membership+ is automatically provided to all who join or renew their NJCPA membership. To join, visit njcpa.org/join. To renew, visit njcpa.org/renew.
      • Can I pick any 20 CPE credits?

        Membership+ courses are pre-selected. You are not able to pick courses other than those that are designated as Membership+. Eligible courses will have the Membership+ icon in the description and will be listed at njcpa.org/plus. Additional courses will be added throughout the year.
      • Is the New Jersey Law & Ethics program included?

        No, the New Jersey Law & Ethics program is not designated as a Membership+ course.
      • How do I find the events that are included in Membership+?

        To find Membership+ courses, visit njcpa.org/plus. Courses will be added throughout the year. You are encouraged to check njcpa.org/plus on a monthly basis. Courses will also be included in CPE Connection.
      • What if I cannot attend a Membership+ event?

        For convenience, most Membership+ programs will be offered three times. Substitutions of non-Membership+ events are not permitted.
      • Do I have to pre-register for Membership+ events?

        Yes, you need to pre-register for the Membership+ events you wish to attend. If you have renewed your 2020/21 membership, you will receive regular emails about the courses and how to register.
      • Do I still get 20 CPE credits if I join or renew in the middle of the year?

        No, the number of credits you will receive is determined by when you join or renew. Courses will be spread out over the course of the fiscal year, which is June 1, 2020, through May 31, 2021. The earlier that you join or renew your membership during the fiscal year, the more credits you can receive.