Retain Your CPE Records an Extra Year

Posted on November 23, 2016

In anticipation of a periodic random audit, the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy is asking CPAs to retain their CPE records for an additional year.


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Nonprofit Conference

December 8, 2016

Nonprofit organizations are grappling with a recovering economy and an increasingly complex compliance and regulation responsibilities.

New Jersey Law and Ethics Webinar

December 21, 2016

The program is designed to familiarize participants with the laws and regulations promulgated by the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy. This course has been fully updated and fulfills the mandatory ethics requirement for the 2015/17 triennial reporting period.


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Interview NJCPA Scholarship Candidates

Posted on November 1, 2016

Be part of a team of CPA members that interviews candidates for NJCPA college scholarships. Interview high school seniors on Jan. 14, 2017 (snow date: Jan. 15) at NJCPA in Roseland. Interview college juniors and seniors on Jan. 28 (snow date: Jan. 29) in the MetroPark area. Questions and scoring rubric are provided. You will need to be on-site from 8 a.m. to approximately 4 p.m.

Read and Rank Essays From NJCPA High School and College Scholarship Applicants

Posted on November 1, 2016

Volunteers are needed to read and score essays submitted by high school seniors and college juniors and seniors applying for scholarships. Essays are limited to 500 words. A scoring rubric is provided, and reading can be done in your home or office. High school essay reading takes place Dec. 13-23, and college essay reading takes place Jan. 16–20.

Mentor a College Accounting Student

Posted on November 1, 2016

CPA members are needed to be mentors for the 2017 NJCPA four-year scholarship recipients, to provide guidance throughout their college careers.


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