Triennial New Jersey License Renewal/ CPE FAQs

The end of the current New Jersey triennial reporting period is December 31, 2017. Renewing your CPA license can be confusing, but proper preparation and the right information will make the process easier and less frustrating. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions, contact information and more. If you have other questions, Society staff will do their best to assist you.

Quick Facts

  • What is the best way to renew my license?
    The New Jersey State Board of Accountancy will be detailing its procedure on how to renew your license. Please note that under the current regulation, the State Board is required to send your notice of renewal in November, 2017. Should you not receive your notice of renewal you should contact the Board immediately. Please check back with this page or the State Board website at for updates at that time.
  • What if I plan to move or have moved or changed my address in the past three years?
    Licensees must notify the Board by mail or electronically no later than 30 days following a change of address of record. Please immediately inform the State Board of your new contact information.
  • What could happen if I renewed my license as active and don’t complete the required total number of credits by the end of the triennial?
    Contact the State Board immediately and request to change your license status to inactive. You should not hold yourself out as an active CPA or practice accountancy in the State of New Jersey. The State Board can impose severe financial penalties should you maintain your active license with a CPE deficiency. Also, the licensee is primarily responsible for documenting the satisfaction of CPE, and all 120 hours of CPE must be obtained from a provider that has a sponsor number issued by the State Board, is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), or a waiver for an individual course has been granted to the licensee by the State Board. If you do not have the requisite credits by December 31, 2017 — and if you are selected for audit — you can be subject to a fine and required to make up any deficient credits.
  • What should I do if I don’t think I’ll have enough credits by December 31, 2017?
    These licensees should request “paid inactive” status, pay the associated fees, take the required number of credits and then reapply for active status.
  • Is there any grace period after the end of the triennial on December 31, 2017?
    While there is a 30 day “grace period” – to January 30, 2018 – to renew your license, there is NO statutory or regulatory authority for a "grace period" to complete the required CPE credits. While the State Board occasionally considers waivers and special situational deviations, all licensees are urged to refrain from attempting to self-apply such exemptions without State Board approval.
  • Does the State Board require CPAs to earn a minimum number of CPE credits annually?
    Yes, all licensees shall complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing professional education in each year of the triennial period. There are also specific requirements regarding the composition of the 120 credit hours required to renew your license. Please see the CPE requirement details on the Quick Facts box above.
  • What about the law and ethics course?
    Each applicant for a triennial license renewal shall complete a four-credit course on New Jersey Law and Ethics provided by a sponsor approved by the State Board. Click here for courses offered by the NJCPA.
  • Can I fulfill the ethics requirement through self-study?
    No, you are not permitted to fulfill the New Jersey Law and Ethics requirement via self study.
  • Where can I find a list of approved CPE sponsors?
    Visit the State Board's website at CPE sponsors must have a sponsor number with the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy or be approved by NASBA.
  • How are self-study credits applied?
    The New Jersey State Board of Accountancy grants credits at the rate of one credit for every 50 minutes of correspondence and individual self study program participation. Self-study credits must be obtained through a NASBA-approved self study provider.
  • Can a college professor or CPE instructor receive credit for teaching a CPE course?
    One credit hour shall be given for each 50-minute period of service. For the lecturer’s, instructor’s, discussion leader’s or speaker’s preparation time, there shall be awarded two additional hours of continuing professional education credit for each credit hour of instruction. The instructor shall not be given credit for subsequent sessions in the same year involving substantially identical subject matter, except that after one year has elapsed the Board may give one additional credit hour for each 50-minute period of service for the initial presentation, provided the original material has been updated. The maximum credit given for service as a lecturer, instructor, discussion leader or speaker shall not exceed 60 credit hours for the triennial period, and an instructor or discussion leader who is employed as an instructor or discussion leader on a full-time basis shall not be eligible to obtain continuing professional education credit for such activities related to the licensees’ full-time employment. Licensees must file a “Request for CPE Credit for Teaching” form with the State Board for its approval which is posted on the Board’s website.
  • What is the NJCPA’s role in the renewal process?
    The New Jersey Society of CPAs is the professional organization representing the state’s CPAs. While the Society can provide advice, answer questions and offer CPE courses, it is the State Board that regulates the profession and is the governing body with respect to CPE requirements, license renewal or issuance, and any related penalties issued.
  • How can I contact the N.J. State Board of Accountancy?
    Inquiries or concerns can be addressed to: N.J. State Board of Accountancy, P.O. Box 45000, Newark, NJ 07101; 973-504-6380. The State Board's website is located at
  • Is there anything else I should know?
    Complete your CPE and renew your license early. If you are looking for courses to take, please feel free to visit Remember, courses fill up quickly, and in some instances may be sold out, during the last four months before the end of the triennial.

Wondering if you should bother maintaining your CPA license? Here's a brief video on why you should: