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Friday, May 26, 2023 Live Webcast

Ask Me No Questions and I Will Tell You No Lies – The Art of Interviewing & Interrogation (X4-4747701)

2:00 PM - 4:51 PM EDT

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3 CPE Credits in AA


When we verbally communicate with an individual, we must make a conscious decision as to whether we believe what we have heard. Little do we realize that we are not making a decision based on what we have heard; rather we make a subconscious decision based primarily on what we have seen, or how the body was behaving when the subject was speaking. We often walk away from a conversation with a gut feeling that the person was not telling the truth. That gut feeling is your subconscious. Yet we often have no idea as to why we have that feeling. This presentation is designed to provide the participant with the tools to identify those both verbal and nonverbal indicators that we all give off when we are under stress. Normally, telling the truth does not create stress. When we lie, we know that we are not supposed to and that creates stress, and it will manifest itself in some manner, and that is what a trained interviewer is looking to observe. When we observe indicators of deception, how do we deal with it? How do we get the subject to admit to a wrong-doing when it is not in their best interest to do so? That is one of the many things that will be addressed in this presentation. Whether you are a parent dealing with you kids; an employer dealing with employees or and investigation interviewing a suspect, this presentation will provide you with the tools to assist you in finding the truth.


Anyone who communicates verbally


  • Define verbal and nonverbal indicators
  • Observe nonverbal indicators
  • Identify indicators of deception
  • Calibrate the subject of an interview or interrogation


  • Defining an interview
  • Why we choose to believe or not believe someone
  • Types of individuals you will be talking with
  • Why people lie
  • Types of liars
  • Unsharable needs
  • Verbal and nonverbal c




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Dennis Dycus

Dennis F. Dycus, CPA, CFE, CGFM

Nichols Education Corp.