NJCPA Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan



To equip and empower New Jersey’s accounting and finance professionals to thrive in their careers


Serve the needs of our members by promoting and maintaining high professional and ethical standards of public accountancy in the state of New Jersey, developing and improving accountancy education, and protecting the interests of the public and the members of the Society.


Four strategic pillars support our mission:

  • Provide Membership Community
  • Support Education
  • Encourage High Professional Standards
  • Advocate for the CPA and Public Interests

Three directional initiatives will work together to achieve the vision and mission:

  • Sustain Market Share. The NJCPA will create and implement a model to sustain market share that assures it is recognized as the leading voice and preeminent membership association for accounting and finance professionals who live and/or work in New Jersey. Qualified professionals will recognize the NJCPA’s professional development and advocacy strength and view Society membership as fundamental to professional success.
  • Improve the Member Experience. The NJCPA will provide members with a high-quality, inclusive and innovative member experience throughout their career journey. The member experience will be personalized yet consistent across member groups and will include opportunities to engage in professional development, networking, advocacy and community outreach. NJCPA membership will deliver consistent, high-level value for members and the communities they serve.
  • Amplify the NJCPA Brand. The NJCPA will take its brand identity that projects integrity, strength and value and amplify it to the population of accounting and finance professionals who live and/or work in New Jersey. The brand will resonate with members, nonmembers, accounting firms, companies, organizations, the media, legislators, regulators and other stakeholders. The Society’s brand will generate feelings of pride and unity for members and volunteer leaders across the organization.