NJCPA Mentor Program

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Sign-up for the 2022 NJCPA mentor program will begin January 15, 2022.

NJCPA Mentor Program Terms, Conditions and Agreement

The NJCPA provides mentors for recipients of NJCPA Scholarship Fund one and four year award recipients. Mentors can make a difference in the life and the career of the next generation of accounting professionals. In order to establish a successful mentoring relationship between the mentor and mentee, several fundamental principles and codes of conduct must be observed by all participants.

  1. Requirements for participation in the mentoring program:
    • Mentors will be active Fellow members of NJCPA.
    • Mentees will be NJCPA Scholarship Fund one or four year recipients.
    • Mentor and mentee enter a partnership that is voluntary and based on mutual trust. Each mentor sets the pace, tempo and schedule for their level of contact.
    • Mentor and mentee are expected to have meaningful contact three to four times per year for the duration of the scholarship recipient’s undergraduate career. The exact method of contact is left to the discretion of the mentor and mentee.
    • The mentor program runs for one or four year(s). However, either party may terminate the relationship at an earlier date. NJCPA will arrange for a replacement mentor/mentee.
    • NJCPA reserves the right, without giving any reasons, to turn down mentor applications to the mentoring program, or to exclude applicants from the mentoring program.
    • There is no entitlement to a position as mentor or mentee.
  2. Participants’ obligations:
    • Participants agree that information shared between mentor and mentee is strictly confidential, and acknowledge that elements of the mentoring communications may need to be disclosed to NJCPA. Participants are encouraged to discuss concerns about the mentoring experience or the mentor program with NJCPA employees.
    • Information gathered about program participants may be shared within NJCPA and among its employees or representatives in order to enhance the program.
    • All activities are to take place without any remuneration.
    • No subjects are to be brought up in the mentoring relationship that could potentially discriminate against or cause injury to the other person.
    • Any unacceptable behavior, including but not limited to unwelcome physical contact, threats of violence, aggressive conduct, offensive acts, threatening or offensive comments will result in a warning and/or disciplinary action including suspension or termination from participation in the mentoring program.
  3. Non-discrimination policy in assigning mentors/mentees:
    • Mentors and mentees are assigned individually based on the participants’ profiles and the information provided.