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Friday, October 18, 2019 Webcast

Managing Client Relationships (Replay) (E1910654)

1:45 PM - 3:25 PM EDT

Registration: 1:30 PM EDT



2.0 CPE Credits in PD


It is estimated that at least 20 percent of clients for any professional service firm are considered “difficult.” Unfortunately, this 20 percent can sap up to 80 percent of the firm’s time, energy and resources. Even though it is such a small portion of the overall client base, it can negatively impact the entire culture of a firm. To most professionals, the classification of “difficult client” comes from an emotional reaction to dealing with certain people. While this is certainly part of it, there are other factors that make clients difficult. This session will provide you with the skills and tools necessary to identify, manage, convert or, in some instances, cut loose difficult clients.


Emerging leaders and established professionals who want to advance their personal and professional relationships


Topics will include:
  • Specific characteristics that make clients difficult
  • A process for purposefully identifying difficult clients beyond outward and obvious behavior
  • A system for rating and grading your client list — taking it beyond the “gut feeling”
  • Understanding how managing difficult clients properly can increase revenue
  • Utilizing soft skills to convert clients from difficult to A-rated
  • Recognizing when it is time to fire a client
  • Assuring your client list doesn’t negatively impact your culture




This session originally aired at the 2019 NJCPA Annual Convention & Expo. You are only eligible for credit once.


Andrew Donofrio

Andrew Donofrio


Andrew Donofrio, LLC

Andrew Donofrio has spent the majority of his life in leadership positions. At 19, he started his career as a police officer and at 24 was promoted to Sergeant.

During his 25 years in law enforcement, Andrew advanced to Lieutenant and created and grew a nationally recognized Computer Crimes Unit. Upon retirement, he leveraged this experience to establish his own IT security auditing firm, which he still runs today.

Andrew soon realized his life-long passion for guiding others to succeed could be a new chapter in life, and launched Andrew Donofrio, LLC, a thriving practice specializing in organization and management consulting, leadership training, and professional coaching.

He is well practiced in behavior/emotional intelligence assessments and regarded for his expertise in job benchmarking, talent acquisition principles, and organizational development strategies.

As a Certified Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Coach with a master’s degree in management and vast business and industry insights, Andrew helps companies, organizations, and professionals at all levels to DIG: Develop—Improve—Grow!


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