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Identifying future needs, evaluating the talent pipeline and keeping revenue strong are key aspects of succession planning. Find out what kind of leadership is needed to transition owners to the next phase and what role private equity can play. 

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NJCPA and Third-Party Events

June 11 - 14, 2024Atlantic City
June 12, 2024Live Webcast
June 24, 2024Live Webcast
August 20, 2024Live Webcast
September 11, 2024Live Webcast
October 8, 2024Live Webcast
November 19, 2024Live Webcast
November 30, 2024Live Webcast
December 11, 2024Live Webcast
December 20, 2024Live Webcast
February 12, 2025Live Webcast
April 10, 2025Live Webcast


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