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NJCPA Events

October 17, 2023Live Webcast
October 18, 2023Live Webcast
October 27, 2023Live Webcast
October 30, 2023Live Webcast
November 9 - 10, 2023Live Webcast
November 10, 2023Live Webcast
November 20, 2023Live Webcast
November 21, 2023Live Webcast
November 28, 2023Live Webcast
November 28, 2023Live Webcast
December 13, 2023Live Webcast
December 14, 2023Live Webcast
January 18 - 19, 2024Live Webcast


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    Earn an AICPA Data Analytics Certificate
    Get hands-on experience regarding how to analyze data and calculate fundamental aspects of your data sets. Learn how to apply data analysis techniques to help make informed, data-driven business decisions.
    Paychex offers unique benefits for your firm as well as discounts on integrated payroll, retirement or HR services for your firm’s small business clients.
    ADP offers free standard payroll processing for your firm and discounts on payroll processing services for your firm’s small business clients.