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    Understanding the Importance of ESG Reporting

    Posted: October 20, 2022
    Because of how new and rapidly changing the ESG regulatory environment is, it has left most companies and accountants to ask themselves, “where can I start?” Here are five questions and related ESG information to consider.
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    10 New Homeownership Dos and Don’ts: Where CPAs Can Help

    Posted: September 16, 2022
    As their trusted advisor, CPAs need to remind clients that buying a home, after all, is most likely one of the largest financial transactions in their life. They also need to understand how everyday decisions can impact their budget and financial situation.
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    5 Common Types of Employee Fraud and Audit Steps to Find Them

    Posted: September 12, 2022
    No auditing procedure can guarantee success in uncovering fraud but having preventative measures in place can provide the right environment for detecting these common forms of employee fraud. Here are some audit steps to consider.
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    10 Strategies to Increase Audit Quality

    Posted: September 9, 2022
    How can you ensure your assurance practice does not get sued by an audit client, fail an AICPA peer review or face a regulatory enforcement action? Follow these 10 recommendations for boosting the quality of your audit practice.
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    Persuading Clients to Heed Your Words on Financial Independence

    Posted: August 31, 2022
    As an accounting professional, how can you bring up the subject of retirement planning, not embarrass your client and give them hope for the future? Try repositioning the goal as financial independence.
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    Adapting in Motion: Finding Your Place in the New Economy

    Posted: August 17, 2022
    Whether it is the workplace trend of the Great Resignation or larger, global phenomena, the ability to feel like you are “in control,” especially for CPAs, their clients and organizations, is getting harder by the hour. Here are some key considerations.
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    Untapped Outreach Programs, Talent and Mentoring: Building the Pipeline for the Future of our Profession

    Posted: August 2, 2022
    Connecting students with practicing accountants early on will go a long way in shaping (and changing) the perspective many students have on the field of accounting. Here are some tips for finding and retaining top talent.


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